NNN Services

At Optimus Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisors we offer a full service commercial real estate platform from which we work and service our clients. We have advisors who work in both leasing and sales. Our service areas include retail, office, medical office, industrial, multi-family, development and land sales. However, we are particularly geared towards the acquisition of NNN leased (or other net leased) investments or the divestment of such assets in a client’s portfolio. We have a thorough understanding of the 1031 Exchange process and work towards ensuring that our clients receive outstanding service when facing the associated timelines through this tax saving process.


Understanding and facilitating the 1031 Exchange process is a key component of our business model. We represent clients who are in the “upleg” and “downleg” stages and seek to ensure that they have an adequate number of properties identified to avoid any potential risk associated with a major tax consequence should they not meet their required deadlines. If you would like to learn more about 1031 Exchanges, feel free to visit our 1031 Exchange Explained page.


NNN or “Triple-Net” leased properties are our specialty. We offer access to both on and off-market net leased or ground leased investment properties nationwide and in Europe. Whether you see to acquire or divest from a NNN property, we can help. We offer both STNL (Single-Tenant Net Leased) and MTNL (Multi-Tenant Net Leased) opportunities from corporate credit to franchise, across a range of CAP rates and terms. To learn more about NNN or other net leased properties and what they are, please visit our Net Leased Properties page.


Multi-Family properties can be complex acquisitions or dispositions that require a committed team with excellent oversight. We pride ourselves on being able to handle this type of investment class of real estate for our clients from small single level garden apartments to larger multi-level gardens, townhome complexes, and fractured condo developments. To learn more about Multi-Family property investments, please visit our Multi-Family Investments page.


This category of investment property generally involves either owner/operators or investors/investment trusts who are looking to capitalize on a higher yielding investment. The owner/operator of this type of investment typically we self-manage a single or multiple smaller hotel/motel properties. Investors of this asset class can, in many cases, achieve a higher yielding asset than if they were to buy in the net leased retail asset class, QSR, or multi-family realm of real estate investments. Large REITS or private investors/investment groups can be very diverse with their portfolios in hospitality holdings. If you would like to learn more about the different classes of hospitality holdings, feel free to visit our Hospitality Investments page.

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